Hunting Rules

Hunting Rules

  1. All visitors must complete and sign the under mentioned indemnity when arriving on the farm, BEFORE any hunting can be done. Visitors not adhering to this notice must take note that they are entering the farm at own risk as indicated on this form and by entering the premises comply with the indemnity. Minors’ parents must sign the form with them.

  2. First and foremost our concern is your safety. In order for us to accomplish this we need to be diligent on gun safety. Rifles needs to be kept in its gun bag and if taken out the bolt face needs to be completely open at all times. A round is only permitted in the chamber once hunting starts or on the shooting range. These rules will be strictly implemented and adhered to for everybody’s safety. A gun safe is provided for your firearm so there is no excuse for unattended firearms in camp.

  3. Hunting will only take place from ½ hour after sunrise to ½ hour before sunset.

  4. Hunters must shoot their rifles in the day before or the morning of the hunt.

  5. Game will only be shot by caliber rifle that is legal in terms of the rules of North-West Parks Board.

  6. Liquor is strictly prohibited while hunting and no persons under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to handle a firearm or vehicle.

  7. Hunting from vehicles is prohibited and no hunting from of within 300m meters of the hunting vehicle is allowed. No hunting within 500m of the lodge.

  8. Hunting is only allowed under the supervision of one of our field guides. No–one is allowed in the field with a rifle on his own.

  9. Only game specified on the list indicated may be hunted. No shots may be fired on any other animals, birds, plants or trees. In the event of any bird or unauthorized animal being shot, a penalty of R 10 000.00 will be payable with the replacement cost of the animal involved.

  10. Any game wounded will be deemed hunted and the full value of it will be payable. Any blood, bones, hide, meat or hair which is found will be seen as proof that an animal was indeed hit. Please insure that all wounded animals are speedily found. Finding wounded animals is the sole responsibility of the hunter, who’ll be aided by the guides. The owner has the right to at any time withdraw guides and/or stop hunting activities until such time that wounded animals have been found.

  11. A minimum of 4 hunters and 3 nights stay is applicable, but exceptions can be made on arrangement.

  12. The Premises is entered and activities undertaken at own risk. The owner and/or employee accepts no responsibility for any injuries, mistakes, accidents, damage and/or death of any visitor /or property in their possession. The owner and/or employee accept no responsibility for any hunting expedition, including accommodation, transport and vehicles, guides, that are entirely or partially unsatisfying or not happening.

  13. Adequate firewood will be provided and if more is required it can be arranged at R 200.00 per load.

  14. Please leave only your footprints on the farm. Pick up all cartridge shells, paper and litter. We have a lovely farm; let us keep it that way.

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About Us

Geelhout Safaris, in the Piet Plessies area, is approximately 130km from Mafikeng, 130km from Vryburg and about 450km from Pretoria.

The hunting area is 1850ha and can accommodate up to 8 hunters at a time.